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Hell Xis Records DIE HARD COLLECTOR – Complete Discography

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50 Discos – Vinil – CD -EP – LP – 7″ – Todos os discos desde 2007
A discografia completa editada pela Hell Xis Records. Todas as bandas, todos os discos a um preço super especial.
HX001/07 Grankapo Rollin ya Headz CD EP
HX002/08 Confront Hate Confront Hate CD EP
HX003/08 All Against The World The Furthermost CD
HX004/08 Grankapo Confessions CD
HX005/09 Mordaça Mordaça CD EP c/ Video
HX006/09 Overcome Positive Thoughts Brings Positive Moments CD
HX007/09 Solid I Wish Everyday Was Sunday CD
HX008/10 Various Artists Hard To Split CD
HX009/10 Various Artists For The Glory + Black Friday 29 Vinyl 7″
HX010/10 Tribute Mata Ratos Covers, Cú & Mamas CD
HX011/10 Various Artists Faro Alternativo IV CD
HX012/11 For The Glory Some Kids Have No Face CD
HX013/11 Confront Hate Diabolical Disguise Of Madness CD
HX014/11 Grankapo The Truth CD
HX015/11 For Ophelia´s Death For Ophelia´s Death CD EP
HX016/11 Overcome Make It True CD
HX017/12 Reality Slap Neck & Ropes CD
HX018/12 Viralata Vai Buscar! CD
HX019/12 Crossed Fire It´s All About Chaos CD EP
HX020/13 Steal Your Crown Throne Of Infamy CD
HX021/13 Backflip Backflip CD Digipack
HX022/13 Primal Atttack Humans CD
HX023/14 Push Breathe In The Future, Breathe Out The Past CD
HX024/14 Dawnrider / Hookers Serpents Guile / Tonight Was Made For Killing Vinyl 7″
HX025/14 Mata Ratos / Clockwork Boys TBA Vinyl 7″
HX026/15 Dimension Life is a Mystery CD
HX027/14 Crossed Fire Life´s A Gamble CD
HX028/15 Challenge CRHC CD
HX029/15 Shape Crossing Roads CD
HX030/15 Mordaça Sempre a Lutar CD
HX031/15 Hills Have Eyes Antebellum CD
HX032/15 Backflip Brainstorm Vol. I CD EP
HX033/16 Push This is Cruel This is Life CD Digipack
HX034/16 Worst Instinto Ruim CD
HX035/16 Rykers / Grankapo Outcasts Won´t Fall Vinyl 7″
HX036/17 Reality Slap Limitless CD
HX037/17 Angel Crew / Steal Your Crown Kings Don´t Live Forever Vinyl 7″
HX038/17 No Turning Back / For The Glory True Spirit Vinyl 7″
HX039/17 Patrulha do Purgatório Pede a Deus Que Te Mate e Ao Diabo Que Te Leve! CD
HX040/17 Backflip Brainstorm Vol. II CD EP
HX041/17 Trinta & Um Ao Vivo Na Academia CD Digipack
HX042/18 The Year Beasts CD EP
HX043/18 Patrulha do Purgatório Fuzileiros do Niilismo CD
HX044/18 Dr Bifes & Os Psicopratas 3º Testamento CD
HX045/19 Crab Monsters High On Guts CD
HX046/19 Trinta & Um O Cavalo Mata – 20 Anos CD / DVD
HX047/19 Patrulha do Purgatório Salvo-Conduto Para O Inferno CD
HX048/20 Trinta & Um O Cavalo Mata – 20 Anos Vinyl LP
HX049/20 Mata Ratos Sente o Ódio CD
HX050/21 Crab Monsters High On Guts Vinyl LP