For The Glory – Some Kids Have No Face / Lisbon Blues – 2 vinyl pack

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For The Glory – Some Kids Have No Face
After a 2011 CD release through Portuguese labels Hell Xis and Raging Planet, Italian hardcore label Destroy Your World Inc. decides this has to be their first release and here’s For The Glory’s “Some Kids Have No Face” finally available on vinyl on a killer picture disc!

01. Armor of Steel
02. All The Same
03. No Faith
04. Some Kids Have No Face
05. One Amongst Many
06. Routine Equals Hell
07. Behind My Back
08. Egotrip
09. Where Is Justice
10. The Pack [feat. Pedro Batista (Wise Up), Luis Branco (Day of The Dead), Tiago (Overcome), André Tavares (Death Will Come)

For The Glory – Lisbon Blues
Celebrating a decade of diehard dedication in 2013, For The Glory is releasing their brand new album “Lisbon Blues”, an album that serves a as a manifesto of what it means to live in a country in crisis that hasn’t been overridden by the new imperialist world order. The album has been written with heart and soul in the streets of Lisbon, and later taken to the studio with producer Jacob Bredhal (Hatesphere). Dealing with dreams and betrayal, despair and belief in a better future, Lisbon, as the Portuguese, live in this bipolar dichotomy. “Lisbon Blues” is a violent manifesto of survival, rebellion and independence. A real initiation guide to subversion ready to be used.

1. Intro
2. No Color
3. The Key
4. Lisbon Blues
5. Life is a Carousel
6. 110
7. Darktimes
8. Restless Souls
9. Old Wounds
10. D.W.F.
11. Never See me Fail