CD Steal Your Crown – “Throne Of Infamy”

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Steal Your Crown were born on a summer afternoon in August 2004 when Diogo (Vocalist – Unstable), Jorge (Drummer –
Southbreed) and Bruno (Guitarist – One Must Fall / Unstable) decided to join together in a legendary rehearsal room in the
outskirts of Lisbon, where some of most prominent hardcore acts helped shape the local hardcore scene, and tried to bring
something new to the Hardcore music made in Portugal.
Inspired by acts such as Fury of Five, Bulldoze, Kickback and Cold As Life among others, the three founding members of
SYC invited bassist Nuno Santos (Words of Hate) to join them and quickly crafted four songs that would become their first
demo “Two Sides Connection “. The tape boasted a heavier sound than the standard hardcore made at the time and emphasized
the spirit of unity among hardcore bands, fighting against the rivalry that marked the Portuguese hardcore scene
in the 90s.
Nine years have passed since then and a lot has changed. Nuno Santos left the band to embark on new projects, giving
place to bassist Fred (One Must Fall) and Camisas (69 Balls) joined the ranks for one year as a second guitarist and added
influences from the old school that helped craft songs like “Wasted “(Throne of Infamy). He eventually left in 2009 to be replaced
by Tiago (Bulletproof / Unstable) cementing the main structure of the project that still remains until today. After two
demos released (“Two Sides Connection” and “All or None”) and a self-titled MCD issued in 2008 by German label Demons
Run Amok, now offer us their first full-length album “Throne of Infamy”, which introduces to the new member of the family,
Gil (Facefall) now backing Diogo on vocals.
Released by Hellxis Records, “Throne of Infamy” stays true to the spirit that brought them together that afternoon in August,
and sees the band remaining loyal to the pure and crushing origins of Hardcore music.