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Including members from OMITED GR-95, MORE THAN HATE-98 and UNSTABLE 98, GRANKAPO is a old old project with a all new pack of inspiration mixed with the old roots of hardcore. Tha dialema was brought up to light in 2006, counting with full experienced hardcore members who have hardcore in their lives. As fast as it started, the band created a unique form of agressive , powerfull Hardcore style.

– In this 5 years of live performances ,we shared stages with bands such as First Blood, Terror, Madball, Agnostic Front, Backfire, Caliban, For the Glory, Born from Pain, Angel Crew, Sick of it All, Slayer , Iron Maiden, Ignite ,Steal your Crown, Overcome, Rykers. among others.


  • Rollin’Ya Headz – 2007 EP – Hellxis Records
  • Confessions – 2008 CD – Hellxis Records
  • VANS Off The Wall The Album – 2009 DOUBLE CD – EMI Spain (one song)
  • Hard To Split – 2010 SPLIT CD – Hellxis Records (two songs)
    with Overcome(PT), Twenty Fighters(ES) and Through This Defiance(USA)
  • The Truth – 2011 CD – Hellxis Records
  • Hardcore Help Foundation Sampler – 2011 CD (one song)

More to come… pass the word !!! HARDCORE